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Corporate culture is something that is very hard to change and employees need time to get used to the new way of organizing. For companies with a very strong and specific culture it will be even harder to change. Prior to a culture change initiative, a candid needs assessment is needed to identify and understand the current organizational culture.

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With significant depth in strategic and tactical application of strategic visioning, cultural integration, change management, organizational effectiveness, talent management, and performance consulting, I can help you maximize organizational investments in human capital.

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Featured Books (3-Time Published Author)


Mind the GapMind The Gap: Getting Business Results In Multigenerational Organizations
If leaders can commit to create a culture that truly appreciates and values employees for their contributions – an inclusive bridge can be built between the workplace generation gaps to attract, engage, and retain the top talent needed to get tangible business results.

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Top 20 Keys to Effective LeadershipGeneration X Approved: Top 20 Keys to Effective Leadership
This book gives you twenty specific keys to help you become the type of leader that your company or organization needs today and in the future. Keys that will help perception and performance merge for you into the reality of effective leadership.

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Stuck in the MiddleStuck In The Middle: A Generation X View of Talent Management
This book examines workplace culture in which three generations are working side by side. This published work represents a significant contribution to the literature on generational diversity in the workplace, bringing attention to the nexus at which talent management intersects with generational diversity.

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