And The Award Goes To …

I watched part of the Oscars Sunday night and just like everything else in Hollywood, this party was over the top. A four and a half hour extravaganza to recognize and reward the top artists. Really, for me it’s the last forty-five minutes that get interesting. Everything else leading up to that feels like fluff and by the time it gets interesting for me, I’m too tired to watch. But, it did get me thinking, and I’m thankful for that.

As over the top as it might be, how cool must it be to get recognized for doing great work in such a grandiose way? Even for those who are being recognized in the early stages of the show. Most of the time, these are the people behind the scenes (literally) who REALLY make things happen. It’s their blood, sweat and tears that we never get to see, but they are so instrumental in making it all happen. And it’s nice to see that they are recognized and honored in such grand fashion.

So, all this got me thinking, what kind of party are you throwing this year to recognize your people, and, not just your top performers, but all of your people? The ones who keep the wheels turning, who get your projects over the finish line, the ones behind the scenes making things happen. We focus a lot on our ‘A-list’ players, but we need to remember that there is a whole entire cast of supporting actors that we need to recognize. Because without them, your organization wouldn’t be where it is today.

Think about it, telling this supporting cast that they didn’t make it to the party this year because of your bell curve and forced ranking, isn’t going to cut it. You need to step up your game. It doesn’t need to be over the top, but you need to start recognizing your people for the work that they’re doing. Figure out what drives them, because if you came over the top with public recognition for some, they might think you are nuts. It wouldn’t work, so be thoughtful, be committed and every once in a while throw a little glitz into your game and let your people know that they’re worthy of walking your organization’s red carpet.


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