Answering the Question Of Fit

There’s a moment in the employee life cycle when they are forced to confront the inevitable question of fit. Are they a fit for the role is one aspect of the question, but it doesn’t go deep enough?

The more important question is, are they a fit for the organization? Technical skills can be taught (to an extent), and a coach or mentor can get you up to speed on how the organization operates and how the business runs. But the question of fit is not one that anyone but you can answer.

Fit is all about self-awareness. You need to pick up the cues. You need to take responsibility and understand how the organization runs, how people interact, how work gets done and how people become successful in their careers.

Not everyone gets it. These are the people you must deal with. It’s a personal question that individuals must come to terms with. Do you want to conform to the organizational culture, or do you want to remain on the fringe?

It’s ultimately the employees’ call, but it comes with consequences for all involved.  The consequences can range from minor disassociation and feelings of exclusion, to more serious concerns that may result in performance management. It’s not an easy task to handle.

So how do you combat the issue? What actions have you taken? Do you hire for fit? Are you looking for fit when you screen applicants? Are you asking the right, behaviorally based questions? Does your team know what a good fit looks like?

If I were to ask you all to describe what a good it looks like, how similar will your responses be? Are they aligned? If not, it’s time that you start talking about what good looks like on your team and in your organization.

We’re moving too quick in today’s world to let a poor fit drag down the productivity of the whole. It’s never an easy thing to do, but it’s in the best interest of all involved to cut your losses sooner rather than later.

If you’ve made the mistake, and they don’t fit the bill, do everyone a favor and start the process of moving the person along to where they can be successful.

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