The Misconceptions of Engagement

There’s a line of thought out there that if you want happy employees all that you need to do is pay them well and give them a little positive reinforcement. The ol’ atta’ boy, good job, great work or a high five. Only problem with this thinking, it’s just not true. If you want to […]

Checking The Box At Year End

We’re coming up on end of year planning in the HR space and I want to know if you’re plan entails a check of the proverbial box. As you think about the directives you’re going to give to the business for performance planning, are you asking them to go through the process so that they […]

Managing The Transitions

If you’re in charge of development for your organization, what are you doing to manage transitions for your people? And by transitions, I don’t mean the exodus of folks out the door, but you should have a plan to manage that, I’m talking about how you manage people as they progress through their careers and […]

What Is Your Leadership Strategy?

What’s the definition of leadership in your organization? If I were to ask 10 people would I get a consistent answer to the question? Better yet, would they even be in the same ballpark? If I was to ask what are the critical challenges facing the organization today and in the future, would you be […]

Enabling Your People To Perform

I think we can all agree that people manage themselves and their work. People don’t work for you, they work for themselves and their family. The work with you, not for you. Remember that as a starting point and getting them to perform at their best won’t be so difficult for you. What we know bout behavioral science is […]

Answering the Question Of Fit

There’s a moment in the employee life cycle when they are forced to confront the inevitable question of fit. Are they a fit for the role is one aspect of the question, but it doesn’t go deep enough? The more important question is, are they a fit for the organization? Technical skills can be taught […]

Setting Business Strategy As An Imperative

A.G. Lafley, former head of global consumer giant, P&G, put forth a 5 step template on how to think about strategy in your organization. It’s a solid foundation for those of us in the strategy space to start from because it gets at the heart of what strategy is all about. Identifying opportunities, understanding the […]

Branding Learning And Development

What is the learning and development (L&D) brand at your place? Do you even have an L&D brand? Would your employees recognize any of your offerings? Do you differentiate between high potential development and mass development? Do people want in, or are they forced to want in? For as long as I can remember, we […]

Organizational Culture Defined

We’ve talked a lot about organizational culture, but haven’t necessarily defined it for you. Part of that is because every culture is different, built on different normative values and beliefs. However, it’s still useful to talk about the purpose of culture. In addition to it helping groups define shared identities, beliefs and practices, it also […]

Building Culture Through Shared Experiences

Organizational cultures get built over instances of time. They don’t get created  overnight. It takes time to build them, but they can come crumbling down in a blink of an eye, so you have to actively manage it. You can deny its existence and hope that benign neglect of its existence works, but the reality is […]