Branding Learning And Development

What is the learning and development (L&D) brand at your place? Do you even have an L&D brand? Would your employees recognize any of your offerings? Do you differentiate between high potential development and mass development? Do people want in, or are they forced to want in?

For as long as I can remember, we have not done much in the way of branding and marketing our internal programs. We have let them be. And it shows. I still see learning with clip art plastered all over it. It makes me laugh, not the gut-roaring guttural kind, but the sarcastic; I cannot believe this is serious kind.

Learning and development may be a drain on the corporate dollar, but if we are to believe that it is the people that make the difference in our organizations, then we need to put the money where our mouth is.

Building development that people want to be a part of makes sense. Putting dollars behind that development also makes sense. So why is it that we still have courses that look like they were created at the dawn of the Internet age?

Why not brand our learning so that substance matches style? Do your people even know what you offer? Are they compelled to go to training because of the quality of the content or are they mandated to attend to meet some goal for the year?

Could they tell you what it means to be in your high potential development programs? Do they understand the value that these programs create? If you cannot answer yes to these questions, then you need to consider what you are doing to brand and market your offerings.

It is time that you get clear in the value that you bring and the purpose that you serve. And, please, stop showing me the butts-in-seat data. I do not care about how many people attended a course; I care about what they are doing as a result of attending the course.

Get into the deeper meaning and you will get to a clearer purpose. If the value proposition is not clear and people cannot explain the purpose, then you are nothing more than a drain on the corporate dollar.

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