Managing From The Middle

The toughest job in corporate America is middle management, yet it’s often the most overlooked. In many companies, middle managers are an afterthought, thankless positions, simply cogs in the machine. Caught between the pressures of senior executives and the will of the employee, the middle manager is between the proverbial rock and a hard place. […]

Balance Accountability With Empowerment

Balancing accountability and empowerment takes work. And the fine line between the two can be very tough to manage if not done correctly. This gray area is ambiguous and not always certain, it requires that you make decisions, have a clear opinion and drive forward. In an ideal setting, you would know your marching orders. […]

High Tide: Evolutionary Cultural Change

Most organizations that I’ve consulted with or have worked for primarily focus their talent management efforts on a small cadre of individuals. These folks are commonly known as “high potentials” within the organization. The field of leadership development and talent management has been explicit in its focus of narrowing efforts toward the few and the […]

Performance Reviews: An Exercise In Futility

It’s that time of year again, the dreaded end of year performance reviews have arrived. I work in this business, and I dread them. I know the line managers and executives do too, but we continue on with the process, forcing people into neat boxes and then having awkward conversations with them about why they […]

The Misconceptions of Engagement

There’s a line of thought out there that if you want happy employees all that you need to do is pay them well and give them a little positive reinforcement. The ol’ atta’ boy, good job, great work or a high five. Only problem with this thinking, it’s just not true. If you want to […]

Checking The Box At Year End

We’re coming up on end of year planning in the HR space and I want to know if you’re plan entails a check of the proverbial box. As you think about the directives you’re going to give to the business for performance planning, are you asking them to go through the process so that they […]

Managing The Transitions

If you’re in charge of development for your organization, what are you doing to manage transitions for your people? And by transitions, I don’t mean the exodus of folks out the door, but you should have a plan to manage that, I’m talking about how you manage people as they progress through their careers and […]

What Is Your Leadership Strategy?

What’s the definition of leadership in your organization? If I were to ask 10 people would I get a consistent answer to the question? Better yet, would they even be in the same ballpark? If I was to ask what are the critical challenges facing the organization today and in the future, would you be […]

Enabling Your People To Perform

I think we can all agree that people manage themselves and their work. People don’t work for you, they work for themselves and their family. The work with you, not for you. Remember that as a starting point and getting them to perform at their best won’t be so difficult for you. What we know bout behavioral science is […]