Answering the Question Of Fit

There’s a moment in the employee life cycle when they are forced to confront the inevitable question of fit. Are they a fit for the role is one aspect of the question, but it doesn’t go deep enough? The more important question is, are they a fit for the organization? Technical skills can be taught […]

Setting Business Strategy As An Imperative

A.G. Lafley, former head of global consumer giant, P&G, put forth a 5 step template on how to think about strategy in your organization. It’s a solid foundation for those of us in the strategy space to start from because it gets at the heart of what strategy is all about. Identifying opportunities, understanding the […]

Branding Learning And Development

What is the learning and development (L&D) brand at your place? Do you even have an L&D brand? Would your employees recognize any of your offerings? Do you differentiate between high potential development and mass development? Do people want in, or are they forced to want in? For as long as I can remember, we […]

Organizational Culture Defined

We’ve talked a lot about organizational culture, but haven’t necessarily defined it for you. Part of that is because every culture is different, built on different normative values and beliefs. However, it’s still useful to talk about the purpose of culture. In addition to it helping groups define shared identities, beliefs and practices, it also […]

Building Culture Through Shared Experiences

Organizational cultures get built over instances of time. They don’t get created  overnight. It takes time to build them, but they can come crumbling down in a blink of an eye, so you have to actively manage it. You can deny its existence and hope that benign neglect of its existence works, but the reality is […]

Capturing Minds Leads To Employee Engagement

The business of human resources has evolved. It’s no longer just about personnel and risk mitigation, although, these certainly still occupy a good deal of the HR professional’s time. Now it’s about engagement, it’s about getting the most out of your workforce and driving business results. But, even engagement had evolved beyond what it was […]

Intangible Capital Is The Real Capital

Prescient Strategists had the opportunity to attend the AM&AA conference this past July. We had a great time, met lots of great people and heard lots of great things taking shape in the world of mergers and acquisitions. If there was one thing that stood out most clearly to us, it was the industry’s new […]

Failure As An Innovation Strategy

Failure may be the world’s greatest teacher, but in the corporate world, I’ve seen very little evidence of us paying much heed to it. We hear industry titans talk about failing all of the time. We hear them tell us that taking those early risks paid off in ways unimaginable. But interestingly, in most corporate […]

How HR Earns A Seat At The Table

It feels like human resources has been trying for so long to be legitimized, that they have overlooked some of their core strengths of what they could do for the business. This isn’t about the tactical or the strategic arms of HR, it’s about both. Both are relevant to the business, albeit in different ways […]

The Employee Feedback Loop

Culture may be set from the top, but it’s lived from the bottom up. It’s the experience of the employees’ day in and day out that create how the culture lives, thrives or dies in an organization. We’ve talked in the past about the formal and the informal distinction of any organizational culture. The formal […]