Checking The Box At Year End

We’re coming up on end of year planning in the HR space and I want to know if you’re plan entails a check of the proverbial box.

As you think about the directives you’re going to give to the business for performance planning, are you asking them to go through the process so that they can check the box? I’ve seen it way too often, companies ask employees to go through the performance process and all that we measure is a check of the box. You MUST confirm that you actually had the conversation. But does anyone care about the content of the conversation?

We spend a lot of time putting performance processes into place. We ask the business to spend a good deal of their time abiding by the process but when it comes down to it, are we really measuring the results of the process. Sure, you have your percent of completion and your fancy 20-70-10 bell curve to show the distribution of performance ratings … but what does that mean?

What do you actually do with the data? How does the data inform your HR practices? How does the data impact the business? Do you use it solely for doling out compensation? Or have you thought about how you can use it for truly raising performance levels, and help in driving home the business strategy.

There are a lot of great companies out there, and a lot of great HR shops, but we don’t do enough to share best practices and we definitely don’t do enough to innovate. It feels like we’ve been so concerned about getting a seat at the table, that we’ve done whatever we could to not rock the boat.

I don’t know if it’s a complex that we have because we don’t generate profit, but it’s time to change that reality. We have a big part in adding value to an organization, we just don’t always have the words or the framework in place to describe it.

To really be seen as speaking the language of the business, now is the time we should start calculating the dollars that we save the organization as a tangible benefit. Or perhaps we start looking at the impact that our new superstar hire has on the organization and we figure out how to show that as quantifiable value back to the organization.

Point is, it’s no longer enough to just check the box on anything that we do. It’s time that we started to look at HR as a driver of the business, that we buy into the idea that people are the differentiators in any business.

And remember, both in word and in deed, that people actually ARE our business.

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