Cultural Rabble Rousers

This week my blog posting is for the rabble rousers, the organizational trouble makers, cultural non-conformists, the workplace absurdists, the status quo contrarians, and those that live and work on the edge. In short, this blog posting is for MY people!

This blog posting is about paying respect to those who do not walk a straight line but challenge orthodoxy. This is not about celebrating the delinquents, it is instead about celebrating the outliers. A nod to those who do not fit nicely into the bell curve and think differently enough to force us to change our perceptions.

These are the people who chip away at the cultural orthodoxy each day. They are the ones who walk the fine line. They know what they are doing. Because they have found a sense of freedom, and they are ok with pushing, because for them it is just a game. And their freedom liberates them.  They do not wallow in fear, they do not hide from change, and they welcome it. They are not afraid of crossing the line, because they know it needs to be done to shake things up.

You can take your rules, your policies, your procedures, and you can pack them away because they are NOT going to work around them. These are the people that are already challenging the status quo, working to make the workplace better, helping to drive behaviors that focus on results and achievements. They want to get you away from the old and traditional management practices that reward face time in the office.

This is the new era of change. Get used to it. Get on board and get them involved. If you want change, these are the people you want driving it. They do not need to be told what to do, they are going to know what needs to be done, and they are going to do it. The change will not come overnight, but slowly they will eat away at the establishment and wear it down like a rock in the path of a river.

Change takes time, and we know it is not easy. So find yourself a rabble rouser, find the non-conformists, and set them free. Chances are they have already been working on this change for months, now it is your turn to sanction it, support it, and buckle your seat belt … because it is going to be a fun ride.

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