You Can’t Pay The Bills Without Being Happy

I had someone tell me not very long ago “You can’t pay your bills without being happy.” I thought that was pretty interesting in the context of the conversation I was having with this colleague of mine. We talked about observing people in airports flying to and fro. I call them the Blue Blazer Society. They appear to be Baby Boomer generation men running around wearing blue blazers, with a light blue button down collared shirt underneath, khaki or gray pants, and loafers … were they selling things, traveling to meetings, or headed to a convention? And I would sit and wonder, are they happy? Are these busy folks really happy? Many of them seem to be well paid, “Executive Land” types but if you look closely they don’t appear happy. They don’t appear like they’re enjoying where they are going or what they’re doing. I’ve felt it myself and wondered some days, “Am I really enjoying my job?” or “Do I really want to be here?”

What’s interesting is that I actually started to believe that being happy in your career and work didn’t really matter. You can pay the bills without being happy it seemed. But I would later realize for myself once and for all that this anecdote really meant that you can’t be unhappy with what you do for work, and smile as you pay your bills. I decided there and then that I would not continue working to make someone else successful at the expense of what made me happy. So I took charge of finding my true career happiness. And since then, paying my bills became not only easier but some days became downright enjoyable and satisfying.

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