Inspired Leadership

Your leaders are running at warp speed. Oftentimes too busy to get away for a lunch, too busy to make it home on time for dinner and too busy to coach that little league game. There is a reason Google offers free dinners. They know that their employees are pushing the envelope. Testing their limits and their capabilities. So beyond free lunches and dinners, what are you doing to inspire your leaders?

What does inspired leadership look like in your organization? Are your leaders motivated enough to motivate others? Do they find the time to breathe, reflect, reset and re-energize? Do you even give them the opportunity to do so? A candle burning in both directions burns out twice as quickly. Invest the time and the resources into a leadership summit, and thank me later.

Take your leaders off-site. Get them away from the grind. Inspire them. Talk about business strategy. But also talk about them. Be attentive to their needs. Give them time to reflect. Challenge them with new ideas and take them to new places. But have fun with it. Let them breathe. Inspire them to go back and lead. Help them find the purpose and the meaning in their work that will allow you to retain their talent.

Do not channel your inner Ebenezer Scrooge when it comes to planning this event. These are the people most responsible for your bottom line. Treat them right and they will treat the organization right. Make a ripple with them and their people feel it as a wave. Just make sure it is the right vibe you want pulsating out to the other employees. It is time to inspire your leaders. They deserve some attention too.

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