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Nationally Sought After Keynote Speaker

When you hire the right keynote speaker, your audience leaves energized, entertained, educated and also alive with possibilities. In partnering with Dr. Curtis Odom as a keynote speaker and expert facilitator, you can provide top-­notch experiential learning in the form of personal and professional branding breakout sessions to your attendees that is in keeping with his “YOU 2.0” message.

Dr. Curtis Odom shares how creating a personal brand is rapidly becoming a necessity: both employers and customers are choosing whom they work with on the basis of a person’s personal brand just as much as their other qualifications. Developing and managing an impactful personal brand requires a unique combination of skill, knowledge, discipline, self-perspective, future-oriented thinking, and tools & techniques in order to make “YOU 2.0” standout from the rest of the workforce today.

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Key Focus Areas:

  1. Strategic Visioning
  2. Leadership Development
  3. Culture Change
  4. Talent Management
  5. Employee Engagement
  6. Generational Diversity
  7. Influence and Motivation
  8. Organizational Development
  9. Team Building

Sample Keynote: “Seek And Find Your Career Passion”

  • Provide an alternative to classes and conferences as ways to be developed
  • Discuss options for development when there is not a lot of upward mobility
  • Identify the practical need for more mentoring and stretch assignments
  • Focus on rebranding of self as a potential key to unlock career growth
  • Allow for creative thinking about career options

Sample Keynote:  “Professional Development As A Contact Sport”

  • Devise a development option that is more robust or practical than classroom training
  • Stress the importance of owning your own success
  • Discuss the merits of seeking and finding your career passion
  • Enable realization that career success is not your leader’s or the organization’s responsibility

 Sample Keynote: “Empower Your Career Development”

  • Empower participants to seek and finding their career passion
  • Begin creating your personal “YOU 2.0” brand onsite
  • Demystify networking and stress the importance of related events
  • Engage participants to redefine their professional brand, and leave able to articulate that brand

Sample Client 1/2 Day Seminar Engagement:

  1. Keynote Address of 45 minutes
    1. Key Note Theme: “Owning Your Career Success”
  1. Facilitation of Two 45 minute Career and Branding Sessions
    1. Branding Session #1 Title: “Building YOU 2.0 From The Inside Out”

      • Identifying Hot Spots for Personal Success
      • Finding Your Purpose, and Passion
      • Discovering Your Strengths and Values
      • Creating Your Professional Tag line
      • Living Your Life Metaphor
      • Outlining Personal Success Patterns
      • Arriving at Self-Awareness
    2. Branding Session #2 Title: “Creating Your Career Bulls Eye Workshop”

      • Determining Your Personal Desire/Need for Change
      • Creating Your Professional Vision Statement
      • Targeting Enabling Mindsets and Behaviors

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