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For authors, hiring a publicist has become more the rule than the exception because publishers alone can’t publicize all of the books under their imprint. As a new author, the writing of the book is actually the easy part. The hard part comes in generating publicity to get visibility for my new book “Stuck in the Middle: A Generation X View of Talent Management”. After talking with a few other authors, they all suggested that it would be a better use of my time and energy to hire a professional publicist to drive the marketing campaign.

I learned about from a fellow entrepreneur as a way to generate both interest and funding to publicize my book as a product. With your help, I hope to raise the funds to hire a professional publicist, and launch a multi-media marketing campaign to create interest in my book and provide PR for me as the author. Your financial generosity and your goodwill will allow me to continue concentrating on my writing and on spreading a message that not only helps people with their career but also assists companies resolve an issue that often is or becomes a significant talent-drain problem while a dedicated professional publicist keeps the book marketing campaign moving forward.

Generation X is missing its voice… it needs somebody to speak for them. I have grown weary of hearing from Baby Boomer authors about what is on the mind of Gen Xers in the workplace. So I decided to add my voice to the conversation as both a Gen Xer, and an author. There has been a missed opportunity here for readers to be able to pick up a book and understand what is really on the mind of Gen Xers in the workplace. Does anyone really understand us as Gen Xers? Does anyone even realize that we are here and contributing members in the workforce? Is anyone ever going speak up for our again forgotten generation as the leaders of today and tomorrow?

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