From The Frontline In The War On Talent

We keep hearing about this global war for talent, and for good reason; it’s about to get real. The world continues to shrink, technology continues to alter traditional patterns of work and knowledge continues to reign supreme. Compound all of this with more and more boomers starting to leave the workplace and the war for talent just got real serious.

So I ask you this, are you prepared? More importantly, is your organization ready for what’s about to come? This is your chance to step up as a leader to help ensure that knowledge and skills are transferred successfully and that the next generation of workers is ready to carry the torch. You can help the process along by evaluating your current talent management process.

Start by asking what the critical roles in the organization are. Who holds them and have the right successors been identified to fill the critical roles? Is the ‘bench’ ready now, or do they need more development, more seasoning?  While you are at it, ask yourself this…where are you on the bench; on or off?

Once you identify those roles and the succession plan, you need to start thinking three steps ahead and determine how those roles and skills are going to change in the highly integrated world we now operate in. Are you prepared to go to war? You’ll need new talent, fresh ideas, and new insights because without it, you’ll sink.

Take it one step further, does your bench strength run deep enough into your organization? You may have your ready now successors, but with the war on talent, they can jump in an instant. And they do. We know that you’re high potentials are more likely to leave than any of your other employees. It’s because they have options. They have networks, and even in tough times, they’re still moving. And if you’re not moving them, they will find ways to move themselves; even if it is to your detriment.

The war on talent is real, and it’s officially here, so rise up and get ready to rumble. It’s your turn now.


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