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Mind The Gap: Getting Business Results in Multigenerational Organizations

Mind the GapPublication Date: June 2014

When we talk about the generations that make up our society (and workforce), the myths are just as important as the general truths. These myths are very powerful because they shape how we look at generations.

They form in these spaces of misunderstanding between them. We must recognize and acknowledge the gaps that exist. If we focus on the commonalities instead of the differences, we can arrive at a place where all generations can thrive. What are the challenges with a generationally diverse workforce? What is the gap we’re minding? How do we mind this generational gap, use our understanding of it, so we get business results?

Many organizations I’ve worked with, and senior colleagues I’ve talked to, struggle to work through how to get the best business results from an organization made up of many different generations that want different things. Today, so many organizations are flatter and freer of hierarchy. Employees once segregated by age and position now work more closely together. The flatter the organization, the more it takes to effectively execute a business strategy.

This book addresses simply what organizations and leaders in organizations can do to focus on minding the gap to get the best business results from their multigenerational employees.

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Generation X Approved: Top 20 Keys to Effective Leadership

Top 20 Keys to Effective LeadershipPublication Date: February 2013

As Generation X managers and executives are now tasked with running companies, there is a fundamental and critical component of business that they cannot push off or delegate and expect that someone else will have it covered-LEADERSHIP. And at its core, leadership is about one thing and one thing only-connecting with people.

A successful 21st century leader must adept in generational diversity; be able to guide not only their Generation X peers but also the newly emerging Generation Y employees through difficult business challenges. All while mitigating the loss of the technical knowledge and skills of the retiring Baby Boomer workforce. To do this, they must have the talent management and leadership abilities to align their generational peers, inspire Generation Y and set a clear direction, to maintain productivity, change management and motivate and influence a generationally diverse workforce that has fewer skills but more expectations.

Imagine if we believed in our employees to do exceptional work. Imagine if we stopped hearing about the talent shortage and stopped saying how unprepared the next generation is to work in this environment. Imagine if we actually believed that they could live up to the hype. If we tamped down the anxiety about not being prepared for the next phase of business we may actually see a world where people step up and outperform our expectations. That is what good leaders accomplish-they unlock the potential of the people they lead.

This book gives you twenty specific keys to help you become the type of leader that your company or organization needs today and in the future, focusing on change management, leadership skills, talent management and generational diversity. Keys that will help perception and performance merge for you into the reality of effective leadership.

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Stuck in the Middle: A Generation X View of Talent Management

Stuck in the MiddlePublication Date: January 2012

Part of making things happen in your career, as a company or as an individual, is taking a hard look at things and saying, “These are my flaws. These are my shortcomings. These are my self-defeating actions where I’ve shot my success in the foot.” Any person or company who says they’ve never done those things is hindering their success, ruining their achievement, and unwittingly keeping themselves stuck in the middle. The unwillingness to do a hard current state assessment is a barrier between getting what you want and continuing to lack what you need.

Finding that progress gap is the secret ingredient in the magic formula for understanding what it is that you need (not necessarily what you want) and then taking the steps to get that result (which leads to what you want: effective leadership skills, talent management and generational diversity). Talent management is indeed a business imperative to build and grow a successful organization … but more importantly it is also a personal imperative for professionals to build successful leadership careers.

When people don’t employ personal talent management in the way of owning their own succession plan; when companies and organizations don’t build and sustain an integrated talent management strategy; they remain stuck in the middle; somewhere between who they are and who they want to be. How to get unstuck, how to break free from the middle is what individuals and organizations often don’t understand.

That critical understanding of talent management, culture change and leadership (and ability to take action on it to improve your situation) is what you’ll find in this book as told through the eyes of a member of Generation X.

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