Remembering My Pop … My First Leader

In honor of Father’s Day, I am offering up an opportunity for you to take a moment and reflect. Reflect on the impact, positive or negative, that your father has had on who you are today. Take the time to think about whether your living up to and holding true to the values (assuming he was a positive role model) he instilled in you. Think about his impact and his core beliefs and then take a moment and think about how well you’ve done leveraging those beliefs in your day to day, and more specifically in your professional career.

Personally, my Pop’s imprint will never fade. Although I lost my Pop at age four, I am the man that I am today in part because of him and it’s nice to reflect and think back on my short-time with him. I think a lot about how I’ve taken his lessons to heart and into my professional life. I have used these lessons to work hard, treat my people with respect and dignity and most importantly I learned that life is more important than work. And that at times, it’s ok to step off the fast track in order to be there for your family and live up to the ideals that would make my Pop proud.

As you sit in your office this week, take the time to reflect on your core values and what’s important to you in life. Take the time to review how you handle different situations and different people and check to see if you held strong to your values. Are you consistent? Are you fair? It’s so easy to get caught up and strung along in the day to day chaos, but it’s so important that you take some time every day for yourself. Reflect, think, relax, exercise, but do something. Turn off your email and take a few moments to just be. Be who you are and be who would make your Pop proud.

Happy Father’s Day Pop … from your grateful son.

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