Did You See Your Shadow?

Change is coming early here in the Northeast. The winter season has been mild, almost too mild. Talking about it only increases the likelihood that something strange is a brewing. We’re doing our best to be ready for either event; the warmth of spring, or an extended winter.

So far all signs are pointing to an early spring. This change is the easy one. It stays light longer; the temperatures gets warmer and people tend to have an added spring in their step. But, change isn’t always easy. It’s always imminent, but it’s not always easy. So my question this morning is how well does your organization embrace change and are you ready for the hard change?

We can all talk a good game, but in reality very few of us manage change well. The fact is the majority of our change initiatives fail miserably. We don’t communicate them well enough, leaders don’t fully buy in, it becomes the flavor of the month and it quickly dies on the vine as soon as the weather dips to freezing.

In this hyper competitive environment it feels like we are moving so fast that we don’t give ourselves the proper time to reflect, plan and prepare for what’s ahead. In most companies I work with, it’s all about pace. March ahead, get it done and if it isn’t the right solution we’ll reset. This may work in the high tech world where new products are developed almost by the minute. But in most other industries you don’t have the culture to support this.  Your culture is key to supporting any type of change.  You probably already know it before you even step into the change; whether the initiative will spring to life or be sucked up into the jaws of your culture.

Take a few extra moments, reflect, plan and prepare for what’s next and then make sure you get out there you sell it. But remember that selling it isn’t enough you need to support it. You’re not Puxatony Phil, you can’t be afraid of the shadow you cast. Embrace the change.

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