The Culture Revolution Is Not Being Televised

It’s a quiet revolution, a small step forward in how we think about organizations and the systems that we use to run them. It’s a nod to the next generation, it’s the culmination of technology disrupting the ways we work and how we think about work. There’s a subtle transformation taking shape across Corporate America.

There’s a newfound emphasis on creating sustainable and empowered work forces. Underlying this work is the idea that culture is more than just a billboard on a wall that celebrates the employee of the month. Culture is the new game. It’s what attracts talent, it’s what keeps people engaged and it’s what can make or break your company.

We talk a lot about culture at Prescient Strategists, specifically about how culture impacts employee productivity and how a misaligned culture will erode the foundation of any successful company. We talk about the practices and processes that are in play at most organizations that unknowingly undermine the organizational culture. We talk about what a high performing culture looks like.

We talk about both the formal and informal cultures that exist within every culture.  We do this, because we truly believe that organizations live and breathe off the cultural nuances that pervade organizations.

We know what good looks like. There are some fundamental truths of what makes a good culture, but the reality is that the culture in an organization is unique. It’s what makes the work so fascinating. Organizational cultures are like snowflakes. No two are exactly alike.

The base elements may be the same…empowered workers in a trusting environment that are given the freedom to make an impact, but the way this gets defined in each organization varies tremendously. It’s the way the policies, the structures and the people interact to form the unique blend of culture in any office.

It’s not just a fad. It’s the game now. You can either play it, or be played by it. But pick a side. And figure it out quick; because it’s not sitting around waiting on you to decide. It’s living and breathing every day. Benign neglect won’t do you any good.

Today is tomorrow you were preparing for yesterday … are you ready?


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