Your Company Can Build Organizational Strength

What does your company do to build organizational strength and resiliency? Are there specific cultural and structural processes in place that enable your organization to stay fit and lean? If your organization were in a race would it be a marathon or a sprint? Would you consider your organization a healthy organization? How would you measure the health of your organization? Is it about how your employees feel, the numbers that you put up quarterly, customer feedback or any combination of the above?

In the world of HR and talent management, it is our responsibility as leaders to help the business build organizational strength and health. We are responsible for ensuring that we have the right people in the right roles at the right time. It is also up to us to determine the processes used to build and sustain collective knowledge of the organization. We need to partner with the business to determine if we should be sprinting or sustaining ourselves and our people for the long haul.

Organizational strength is useless if we cannot sustain our efforts over periods of time. Short and quick bursts of energy are useful when we want to get over the line but in the long term it will just burn our people out. We need to find ways to support our people and to help them develop the endurance to power through when times get tough. There is a lot of great work out there, where HR is leading the charge and building the support systems for employees. Organizational health is vital to organizational strength.

You cannot be strong as an organization without being healthy. This requires that you have the right people practices in place, that you empower your people, your leaders are accessible, your goals and incentives are properly aligned and you are developing your talent. If you can focus on the right variables you can start to build a healthier organization. One that can respond to the needs of your people, your customers and your stakeholders.

Get your organizational health together and you will see the strength that is latent within your organization.

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